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Fitini Zini How to solve the problem of Greece when the fault belongs to the Greeks themselves?!...

It is unfair to punish the Innocents because of the Sinners... and it may not be against the Europeans, neither the poorest Greeks that we should endure the blame of the misfortunes of the Greek political class!...


Fitini Zini Europe has already lent more than 300 Thousand Million Euros to Greece... and the money disappears forever, as if by magic, in the Hole of the Greeks... BUT WHY?

Simply because the Greek Politicians do not know how to rule the country, but they know very well how to disappear with the money... where it suits them...

In addition, it is part of their culture not to pay taxes and their BIG DREAM is to be a Millionaire and a Civil Servant at the same time... getting, moreover if possible, a scandalous state pension...

(Interestingly, you can replace the words Greece and Greeks by the ones of your own country and that rule works too...)

How then to solve the problem of Greece?

Just, implementing the Method of the Gods-Hand-Five-Fingers-Rule... that I invented, just now... But, Pay Attention! This method is not from the Right Wing, Center, Democrats, Republicans, or from the Left Wing, neither it is Fascist, nor it is Communist... it is... SIMPLY ... Pure Solid Gold Rock JUSTICE!...

1. Immediately, while banks are still closed: make an "haircut" of 30% on all the bank accounts of the Greek nationals with more than 1 million Euros in banking... to be able to restore liquidity and ease the public debt;

2. 30-day tax amnesty to return to the national banking, the National Greek fortunes deposited outside Greece or freezing/confiscation of Accounts, by judicial action, from the people who cannot prove the origin of their fortunes, or will not accept the "haircut "of 30% on the national accounts of the Greeks with amounts over 1 million Euros;

3. Short-Term: Creating the legal obligation to all the Greek citizens to be required to have a (FIN/NIF) Fiscal Identification Number and a (SSN/NSS) Social Security Number (made during the birth registration act, together with the National identification Number). The FIN/NIF must be obligatory to be able to open bank accounts, send or receive money, buy or sell anything;

4. Medium-Term: introduce legislative reforms, so that the Greek Ministry of Finance can collect taxes on all the Economy (including the informal economy) or on all the commercial transactions and on the fortunes (inside and outside the country) ... Criminalization of illicit enrichment ... all companies have to have their FIN/NIF and those FIN/NIF must be connected directly to the FIN/NIF of the respective owners...

5. Long-Term: impose mandatory electronic invoicing, developing and installing information systems with Fitini.NET certification of electronic invoicing throughout the country (up to a simple coffee must have an electronic invoice, where it is deducted the respective tax in favor of the State).

Avó Cacilda Prima Ermelinda But beware... the politicians who want to apply the Method of the Gods-Hand-Five-Fingers-Rule... that part of the "haircut", someone may also want to cut them a little more than simply their hair too... so BEWARE with the exaggerated "haircuts"...

How to solve the problem of Greece when the fault belongs to the Greeks themselves?!...It is unfair to punish the...

Posted by Good News in Real Time on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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